You may be wondering why to look us over and compare us with other dentistry options. More on that below.

We will populate this website with information on dentistry in general and also cosmetic dentistry.

Why Choose us

dental price comparison

1. Call us to help you choose a dental location

2. Caring and gentle staff modeled after award winning Smileworks in Mt Pleasant

3. Clinical standards and quality are very high and compare  well with the best in world

4. Our experienced dentists work as a team. So you can feel safe

5. Choice of popular implant brands Nobel, Straumann, Hi-tec, others

6. Unique large choice to match quality dentistry with choice of holiday  location – travel destination

7. Experienced coordinators to understand your special needs and to match them with suitable dentist

8. Ask for our no-frills package for dental implant plus bridging

9. Easy shopping feature

10. Single trip dentistry feature

11. Special Price Offers feature

12. Luxury quality feature

13. Gentle caring feature


Package A Executive Brand – Nobel for total of four tooth implants four Crowns one tooth Root canal

  • Our Special price Rs.1,43,000, £ 2040, $3178
  • Our standard price £ 2700
  • Typical India price £ 2700
  • Typical Hungary price £ 3500
  • Typical UK price £ 11300

Sometimes choosing a dentist destination can become complex

  1. Which country?
  2. How good is clinical quality
  3. How will my travel partner and I pass the extra holiday time
  4. How to evaluate price point
  5. How to evaluate quality
  6. I want peace of mind
  7. What guarantees are available
  8. Difference between India-UK standards
  9. Insurance issues

Please call for answers if there are issues